American E-Kart Championship!


Overdrive Raceway is SUPER EXCITED to be part of the American E-Kart Championship this year! If you want to show off your skills against a field of the country’s best kart racers, now is the chance! A grand prize of $10,000 is at stake, so don’t miss out!! 


There will be an eight-week qualifying period. Overdrive is participating with 25 other tracks across the nation to find the country’s BEST KART RACERS. At the local level, those competing will have the chance to win up to $1,000 (with 2nd and 3rd place prizes as well), and be qualified to race at the national level for $10,000. 


The eight-week event starts May 21 (skipping the week of July 4th). Each night of racing will have one qualifying race, and two “points” races. Ultimately, the top 3 racers will compete against each other at the end of the event and the winner goes to the national competition in Chicago!

Overdrive Raceway will pay for your airfare and hotel stay in Chicago. You will be responsible for food, beverage, and transportation around Chicago. The event is open to racers 16 years and older, however if you are under 18 you must be accompanied by an adult to Chicago (Overdrive Raceway does not pay the cost of the parent’s trip). 

The entry fee is $425. A deposit of at least $225 must be made in advance. The remaining $200 can be paid of in installments at Overdrive Raceway each week of competition. Each installment payment for the week will be $32.50 over the seven weeks. Keep in mind we will have local cash prizes just for Overdrive Raceway finishers as well! 


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