Beer and Food Pairings at Overdrive Sports Bar

Alcohol and food pairings have sometimes been thought of as a "fancy" affair, with painstaking attention to detail being paid by snooty wine sommeliers, but in recent years the beer world has opened itself up to pairings with more flexible types of fare. Everything from Girl Scout Cookies to different kinds of dip are now fair game to a more careful analysis of flavor compatibility.

At Overdrive Raceway, we're proud to be a local family owned-and-operated business, and we're also proud to support the Colorado beer scene with our Sports Bar offerings. So here we present to you our Colorado locals-only beer and food pairing, to help make the most of your next visit.

Breckenridge Vanilla Porter and Funnel Fries

The rich, roasted flavors of the Porter and its vanilla undertones are a perfect match for the sweetness of the funnel fries and the chocolate sauce, creating a delicious dessert experience.

funnel fries with powdered sugar

Red Leg Amber Ale and Chicken Wings (BBQ Sauce)

The caramel malts in the Amber Ale complement the sweetness of the BBQ sauce, while its balanced bitterness can cut through the richness of the wings.

Red Leg Hefeweizen and Pretzel Bites (Mustard Dipping Sauce)

The clove and banana notes of Hefeweizen pair nicely with the tanginess of the mustard, enhancing the overall flavor without overpowering the pretzels. Pretzels and German-sytle beers are a staple pairing for any menu.

Red Leg Lite Lager and Mozzarella Sticks

The Lite Lager's crispness and subtle malt flavor will refresh the palate without competing with the delicate taste of the mozzarella and the acidity of the marinara dipping sauce.

Laughing Lab Scottish Ale and Nachos

The malty sweetness and slight nutiness of the Scottish Ale will complement the spiciness of the jalapenos and the richness of the quacamole and sour cream.

Pikes Peak IPA and Nachos

The hoppy bitterness of the IPA cuts through the richness of the cheese in the quesadilla, while its citrus notes enhance the overall flavor profile.

photo of beer taps at a bar for Pikes Peak brewing


The next time you stop in at Overdrive Raceway, come upstairs to Overdrive Sports Bar and relax for a few after your race. Order up some of our Colorado craft beer on tap, bottles or cans, and pair them with your favorite bite to keep you fueled up for the rest of your day.

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