Leaderboard & ProSkill

Earn ProSkill Points and Win Prizes in 2024!

ProSkill rank is our racing system's way of ranking drivers. Points reset every year. At the end of the year, we award the three racers with the highest ProSkill ranking will win prizes as follows:

Award prizes
racer in a kart

How do you Increase Your ProSkill Ranking?

Our system uses a formula to calculate ProSkill, and these are the best ways to improve your ProSkill Ranking:

  1. Drive in any public race

  1. Finish near the top of the leaderboard

  2. Beat higher-skilled drivers

…and of course, have fun doing it! Once you finish a race, you will be able to see the Top 12 ProSkill racers on your racing sheet. You can also check back here and see each week’s top race times.

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