3... 2... 1... Go!

It's Race Time

Arrive & Drive

With Arrive & Drive kart racing, you don’t need an appointment. Just pop in and join the next available heat! At Overdrive Raceway, our state-of-the-art Italian karts are true speed machines, capable of top speeds of around 40-45 mph! Feel free to pre-register using the button below. We are proud to serve Colorado Springs, El Paso and Douglas County, and Denver and surrounding areas.

Pepsi™ Agility Track

The Pepsi Agility Drift track (located downstairs) is preferred by many racers. A satisfying, high-speed burn around this track provides a little extra challenge to racers who want a more realistic competition experience as you learn how to maneuver the karts, control the drifts, and find the perfect racing line.

Rockstar™ Speed Track

The Rockstar Speed Track (located upstairs with Overdrive Sports Bar) is designed with speed in mind. It's ``grippy`` surface allows racers to focus less on how to maneuver and drift, and more on how to hit top speed around the turns and straightaways.

Updated: 11-20-2020

Overdrive is STILL OPEN and managing capacity to stay within the county guidelines. Effective Saturday, November 21, 2020, for everyone’s safety, Overdrive is now implementing a policy that the purchase of a headsock is required for $4.

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