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Junior Race Pack Pricing
Adult Race Pack Pricing


Waiver required for all racers.
All racers must wear close-toe shoes & headsocks.

Headsocks can be purchased for $5

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Pepsi Agility Track

The Pepsi Agility Track (located downstairs) is a perfect starting place for all racers. The track is designed to be easy to learn but hard to master! This track will keep you wanting more as you push your go kart to the max and find different racing lines trying to get better lap times.

Rockstar Speed Track

The Rockstar Speed Track (located upstairs with Overdrive Sports Bar) has new Superleggero Karts that can reach a top speed of 45 mph.The track is designed with that in mind. The track allows you to push for those top speeds and find the perfect racing line to get the edge on your competition.

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Racing FAQs

While top speeds will vary slightly from racer to racer and track to track, junior karts go about 25 mph and adult karts can go about 40-45 mph. 

Junior karts: under 13 years old, between 48″ and 56″ tall
Adult karts: 13 years old and and up, 56″ and taller
Note: you must be at least 16 years old to race the upstairs track

Not necessarily. The karts are designed to fit most adults; however individuals who are concerned about comfort/fit are welcome to come test their fit in a kart before purchasing a race.

No, unfortunately. For everyone’s safety, karts are single-person only.

The upstairs karts are for racers aged 16+ — you will find a more mature racing audience here. The Superleggero karts upstairs are about 5 MPH faster than our Storm karts downstairs.

A graphic of a racetrack

No, unfortunately. For everyone’s safety, adult and junior karts do not race at the same time.

Junior Karts: $21 (per race)
Adult Karts: $25 (per race)
Turbo Karts: $27 (per race)
Keep in mind we do frequently have specials, so always check our social media pages!

Although it varies slightly, most junior races last about 8 laps. Adult kart races last about 12 laps!

Yes. It is required to wear closed-toe shoes to race. Other safety equipment will be provided to you when you race.

The boost button will be activated immediately upon race start. When the meter turns red at the end of the 30 seconds, hit the green button. You will get a 3 second speed boost, and you can use this button every 30 seconds of clean racing. Be advised that if the race gets slowed down the boost timer will be reset so race clean!

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