Fun Things to do With the Kids This Winter Break

Family fun centers tend to follow a very predicable formula: slow go-karts, arcade games, a few typical food options, and maybe some mini golf. But this winter break, take the kids to have an experience they'll never forget — while also engaging in high-speed kart racing that will keep older kids and adults full of adrenaline!

A Problem with 'Family Fun Centers'

On the surface, there's nothing wrong with family fun centers like Boondocks that offer entertainment for families with young children. And if you have kids who are a bit squeamish about the prospect of driving really fast, then some of those other indoor amusement parks are probably your best bet.

But even the most well-intentioned family outing can feel stale when there's nothing too exciting for adults, or kids who want a genuine adrenaline rush. Overdrive Raceway has something for everyone — younger kids included — but it's definitely not the place for people who are hesitant about going fast.

Typical 'Junior' Kart Racing is a Slow Affair

If the only go-karting you are your kids have ever experienced is one of the "kiddie" rides at an amusement park or other family fun centers, you might have a sour taste in your mouth for family kart racing.

But at Overdrive Raceway, kids as young as 13 (as long as they meet the height requirements) can race in our adult karts — which can reach a top speed of between 40-45 mph!

Our Junior karts have plenty of speed as well, so kids under 13 (or those who don't meet the height requirements) can still race at high speeds of up to 25 mph.

Take a look at our racing requirements:

a graphic showing the top speed, age range and height requirements for kart racing

The benefits of high-speed kart racing for kids extend beyond just the fun factor. It can actually help them develop vital skills like quick decision-making, hand-eye coordination, and understanding the basics of driving.

Safety First!

Because we operate high-speed indoor electric karts, safety is even more of a consideration at Overdrive Raceway than other tracks. Before each race, drivers receive extensive safety instruction, including a pre-heat safety video.

In addition to helmets and other safety gear (provided by Overdrive Raceway), we have track monitors who can remotely control karts and stop the race if needed to ensure that everyone is having a fun, safe time!

In-Between Races: Arcade, Food, Drinks & More

Overdrive Raceway is all about speed! But in-between races, there's something for everyone to enjoy and relax trackside, and fill up while waiting for the next race to start.

For adults, we've got Overdrive Sports Bar. Located upstairs next to the Rockstar Speed Track, Overdrive Sports Bar has a full selection of cocktails and Colorado craft beer for thirsty adults who want to relax with the family after day full of high-adrenaline racing.

Relax in style: there is also a VIP lounge area, pool tables, and big screen TVs to watch the Broncos, Nuggets, Avalanche, NASCAR and Formula 1 Racing.

We've also got a chef-curated menu of tasty snacks that everyone will love, and an arcade for some downtime in between heats.

Indoor Fun With for the Family This Winter

While many locations in Colorado Springs offer family fun, not every location is an all-weather indoor amusement park as well. And indoor trampoline parks and mini golf locations may offer a nice way to pass the time — but they're not full-throttle, high-adrenaline family fun that the kids will remember forever.

So whether you're planning to stop by Overdrive for an arrive-and-drive walk-in family outing, or planning a big birthday party for a special someone, you can count on the facility to be open come rain or shine.


While many family fun centers in Colorado Springs offer components of a fun time, few of them offer a complete and exciting immersive experience. While some more timid and younger kids might enjoy slow karts or putt-putt, kids who crave excitement will have a lot more fun at Overdrive Raceway.

Adults and older kids won't be bored watching super slow kiddie karts crawl around a track, and there's something for the whole family to create an experience that everyone will remember for years to come.

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