Keep the Drinks, Ditch the Dives: Date nights in Colorado Springs

What's your ideal date night in Colorado Springs? Movies? Dinner? A kitschy dive bar somewhere that still only serves the most basic beers and well liquor?

Something we learned from lockdowns is that going on a date night whenever you please can be taken for granted. Now that we're used to roaming the city freely again, have you started to fall back into a routine? Movies are nice, but why do the same thing week in and week out? Pencil an adrenaline rush into your calendar and see why Overdrive Raceway is the best place for date nights in Colorado Springs.

Overdrive Raceway High-Speed Kart Racing

You can thrill-seek on date night without needing to be outside or strapped to a bunch of gear. With Colorado's sometimes unpredictable weather, it's nice knowing that you can plan a date night without worrying about how much snow or sun is in the forecast.

Upstairs, next to Overdrive Sports Bar, the Rockstar Speed Track gives your date night a genuine rush of adrenaline, with speeds of up to 45 mph in our high-speed adult electric indoor karts. If you've never had the chance to race with "real" go-karts, it's something you and your date aren't likely to forget.

And even though kart racing is front-and-center at Overdrive Raceway, it's not the racing alone that makes us the best night spot in the Springs for date nights. The atmosphere, the drinks and the food combined with the excitement of racing ties everything together.

Overdrive Sports Bar

Date nights are a special vibe on weekend nights at Overdrive Raceway. For those who are 21+, we kick on the mood lights upstairs, add a live DJ and kick your experience up a notch.

At Overdrive Sports Bar — on the second floor of Overdrive Raceway — we have an array of carefully curated cocktails, as well as a full bar featuring Colorado craft beer. Our menu changes based on the season, so stop in to see what's new! We also have a full chef-curated menu of track-side treats, from pretzel bites and nachos, to chicken wings and churros.

Current Craft Cocktail Lineup:

Shake n' Bake
A tropical blend of flavors including cherry vodka, peach schnapps, sour and pineapple juice.

Pit Stop
Our take on a Mojito, with fresh mint and limes muddled and mixed with Bacardi, soda water and a splash of Starry.

Spun Out
Our take on a traditional margarita, with a mango twist. Using El Jimador tequila, lime juice, triple sec and mango puree.

Georgia Peach
A refreshing whiskey cocktail with a bit of peach schnapps, orange juice, and a splash of grenadine.

Ricky Bobby
A blend of cherry vodka and Mike's hard lemonade, creating a tasty pink lemonade flavor with a splash of Starry. Served in a martini glass.

Key Lime Pie Martini
A delicious and gently tart martini with Malibu and vanilla vodka mixed with lime juice, simple syrup and cream.

Relax in the VIP Area

Overdrive Sports Bar as a brand new VIP area available for rent track-side along the barriers of the Rockstar Speed Track! When you rent this area, you get exclusive use of couches, a large TV and a pool table! For just $25 you and your date can have some private time to take a breath while waiting for your next race. Or get all of your racing in at the beginning of the evening, and retire to the VIP area for the rest of the night in ambient exclusivity.

Grab a Quick Bite

A replacement for dinner for two at Pepper Tree it might not be, but our chef-curated menu at Overdrive Raceway is prime track-side dining. Perfect for mid-date refueling, we've got something for just about any appetite.

From loaded tots, to macaroni bites, and funnel fries and pizza, there's really tasty food to keep you going while you find the perfect race-to-food-to-drink ratio to complement you and your date's mood for the evening.


While it's easy to fall into a routine and settle for movie night (again), try something with a little more adrenaline for your next date night in Colorado Springs. Overdrive Raceway really is a perfect spot for couples, whether you're looking to shake up your normal routine, celebrate a relationship milestone, or any other occasion.

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